scene [ sin ] noun count ***
▸ 1 part of play/book etc.
▸ 2 view
▸ 3 place where something happens
▸ 4 activity/interest
▸ 5 argument etc. in public
▸ 6 situation
1. ) a part of a play, book, movie, etc. in which events happen in the same place or period of time:
a love scene
opening/final scene: the opening scene of Macbeth
film/shoot/rehearse a scene: We have to shoot this scene today.
2. ) a view that you can see in a picture or from the place where you are:
She stood in the doorway surveying the scene.
paintings that depict scenes of country life
3. ) usually singular a place where something happens, usually something bad:
scene of: the scene of the crime/accident/attack
on/at the scene: The paramedics will be at the scene within a few minutes.
a ) something that happens in a particular place:
scene of: Eyewitness reports describe a scene of desolation.
describe/imagine/picture/visualize a scene: Picture a peaceful scene and try to relax.
4. ) usually singular a particular interest or activity, and the people and places that are involved in it:
He is an important figure on the political scene.
the music/rave/dance scene
5. ) a noisy argument or a strong show of feelings in a public place:
make/cause a scene: Shh, you're causing a scene!
6. ) usually singular AMERICAN INFORMAL a situation:
There's a bad scene at home right now.
be/come on the scene
to start to exist or to get involved in a situation or activity:
a band that first came on the scene in the 1980s
behind the scenes
1. ) secretly instead of publicly:
These agreements have been drafted by officials behind the scenes.
behind-the-scenes negotiations
2. ) not seen or heard by the audience of a movie, play, etc.:
He prefers to work behind the scenes as a director.
not your scene INFORMAL
not something you enjoy:
Camping isn't my scene.
set the scene
1. ) to create the conditions that make it possible for an event to happen:
set the scene for: These findings have set the scene for further debate on the system.
2. ) to give someone the information they need so that they can understand what is going to happen or be said:
Let me just set the scene by telling you a little about the school.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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